GardenWell™ : Mental Health Programme


“Sowing and nurturing the seeds of love, compassion, acceptance and patience within the garden of your heart.”

Over 50 years of international research has proven that plants and working with them are vital for human health and well-being . Our programmes promote social inclusion, resilience, confidence, self-acceptance and a sense of comfort within ones own skin.

It’s the maintenance of our gardens that makes them ‘bloom’ and it’s the maintenance of our inner landscapes that helps them ‘grow’ and ‘flourish’. There are many good reasons why the garden has been used as a metaphor for inner mental, emotional and spiritual work for 1,000s of years. (weeding, nurturing, preparation, maintenance, seasons, time, flowering and death).

It’s the regular practice of designing, developing and maintaining gardens that creates change over time.

This is an ‘at-home’ aftercare programme is available to only 25-30 clients per year. The focus is on clients that have had past issues with addiction / stress / anxiety / depression. The programme is also available to anyone with an interest in developing a deeper state of mental peace.

You can make sure the skills you learn and the goals you set stay with you long after you graduate from rehab. You can take advantage of the support aftercare offers. The risk of relapse is a reality. If you make recovery practices a long-term part of your life, your risk is much lower.

Using the Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual Model as a guide, the GardenWell™ programme is a blend of complementary therapeutic approaches to facilitate an anchored/grounded recovery and is directed by Jai Cheswick. These modules include but are in no means limited to;

  • Horticultural therapy / Landscape Design : Physical, creative, nurturing.

  • MeditationYoga : Calm the body and the quiet the mind.

  • Coaching / Counselling (often delivered by referring therapist)

  • Resource library (online)

We’ve found these activities to be of benefit to ourselves and others we have assisted. Once a client begins to develop habits of self-acceptance, confidence with humility, self-responsibility and a sense of comfort within their own skin, they may find that many other 'pressing' issues in their lives begin to dissolve.

Why Is Aftercare So Important ?

After rehab you may feel stronger, healthier and more confident than you’ve felt in years. You will want to keep this feelings as you return to the real world. However you will face pressures related to work, relationships, and your environment.

Your old triggers may kick in, or you may face new ones. Anger, boredom, happiness, stress and depression may cause old, unhealthy coping mechanisms seem appealing once more.

Your aftercare resources are your safety net. Your level of commitment to attending sessions, classes and developing your own ‘at-home’ skills may make the difference between whether or not you reach your recovery goals.

Connecting Treatment and Aftercare

After detox and rehab, your new, life has just begun. With the help of a caring, compassionate support team, you can maximize your chances of achieving long-term stability. The comprehensive aftercare program at GardenWell™ offers multifaceted recovery support. Begin your recovery on the right foot to maintain your recovery long into the future.


Challenges around this time

Sometimes, taking action towards recovery can act as a trigger for a person to behave impulsively and decide to leave a program before completion.

It is important for clients liaise with me to deal with any issues that arise at this time.

Again, it is important to remember that treatment is a commitment and that clients need to keep the commitment.

Families are encouraged to be supportive, but maintain boundaries – seek help if you are or your loved one are experiencing challenges.