Join our supportive landscape design network

We have met many landscape designers that, for one reason or another, lack the confidence and/or knowledge to develop a sound design business of their own. Landscape design as a sole practitioner can be lonely, frustrating and confidence eroding.

We are working towards the creation of a network of landscape designers consulting and designing within the supportive framework of the Cheswick Consultants business.

If this sounds like you please email with a Dropbox link to your portfolio and CV and explanation of why you might wish to join us.(Australian permanent resident or citizen only)
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You are possibly :

  • A designer (of any age +18) with little to 1-2 years design experience, but perhaps more.

  • Lacking confidence and experience, perhaps having experienced depression, anxiety or addiction and need a helping hand getting back into the workforce. Perhaps meeting new clients is very stressful, perhaps you have a strong ‘inner critic’ that constantly tells you that your work isn’t good enough.

  • Unable to work full-time due to family commitments.

We can provide :

  • Develop your knowledge

  • Develop your business skills

  • Support and help improve your confidence.

The design of any landscape is a skilled and sensitive process, existing initially in a designers mind. It's those wonderfully intangible but practical thoughts that you are paying for rather than the piece of paper which we call a plan.

Our design and supervision fees are in line with industry wide fees of 10-15% of construction costs depending on the size of the project. This percentage fee is based on an hourly rate of $120 / hr and the known hours required to complete design, documentation and supervision services.

Fully insured with both Public Liability $20,000,000 and Professional $1,000,000 Indemnity insurances.


  • Preliminary Design Consultation

  • Site Feature Survey (this is not a Licensed Survey)

  • Detailed Site Measures and Preparation of Existing Conditions Plan

  • Masterplanning & Feasibility Studies

  • Preliminary Design Development

  • Design Development

  • Working Drawings

  • Planning Application Drawings

  • Project Specification and Schedule of Finishes

  • Call Tenders, Liaise with Client and Builders, Attend Contract Signing

  • Lodge Building Permits and Liaise with Building Surveyors

  • Site Attendance and Contract Administration

  • Engagement of Consultants

    • Drainage Design

    • Lighting Design

    • Irrigation Design

  • Artistic/Graphic Presentation


Our workflow with clients follows a similar pattern with each project:

  • Site consultation and approval for design fees as a percentage of installation costs.

  • Presentation of 3D concept animation and initial cost estimate to client

  • Feedback

  • Design revisions. Planting and materials plans and schedules created. Cost estimate refined based on changes.

  • Presentation of refined 3D and 2D presentation material.