Emotional Awareness.


Sowing and nurturing the seeds of love, compassion, acceptance and patience within the garden of your heart. .

The importance of emotional awareness and emotional skills.

Emotions are not just things that happen to us; they are crucial to everything we do. Emotions underlie our thoughts, our ideas, our behaviors, our relationships, our desires, our prejudices, our sense of justice, our choices, and our actions.


Emotions guide our behavior and manage our relationships. Emotions choose our friends and our mates. Emotions help us decide what's true and what's false. Emotions help us make purchases and plans. Emotions help us join groups and attach ourselves to ideas and values. Emotions are everything.

So when people don't understand their emotions and don't know how to work with them, they are pushed around by powerful forces, and often end up in very troubling places. Many people blame the emotions for this trouble, but the emotions aren't at fault!

The fault lies in our emotional education, which for centuries has taught us that our minds are better than our emotions -- or that philosophy or spirituality will save us from emotions.


The truth is that emotions are at the center of human nature. Emotions inform our thoughts and ideas, and they help us create every aspect of human culture (including philosophy and spirituality), for good and for ill. Emotions are not separable from anything we do, and they are not better or worse than any other aspect of our lives.

But because emotions are so powerful, and because we have been kept in the dark about them, emotions seem to be the problem. They're not. In fact, emotions are a part of the solution to the problem.