Jai Cheswick is director of Cheswick Consultants Pty Ltd and founder of GardenWell™ Australia.

Meditation : After 10yrs training with meditation master Dean Das in Melbourne, Jai now shares a practice which, over time, leads to a deep and lasting state of mental peace.

Coaching : Jai has coached and instructed clients in many fields. MeditationYoga, Scuba Diving, Garden Design Workshops, Gardening and Business / Personal Development Coaching. He is currently continuing his professional education through AIPC and ACA.

Horticultural Therapy : Jai is a professional landscape architect and horticulturalist and has been following and organically researching horticultural therapy practices for the past 20yrs.

Background : Jai left the UK in 1992 after years of family quarrelling over shares in a property development / investment company and trust. At this time he also began a long search for deeper meaning in his life because as he recounts ‘despite the big houses, Bentleys and private schools, everyone was as miserable as shit’.

After a 15yr search for meaning in 2008-2010 he experienced depression. In depths of this condition he prayed for help and that night had a dream in which a ‘wise-man’ showed him deep compassion, acceptance, patience and kindness. The next day he began practicing meditation yoga with meditation master Dean Das. It is a lifetime practice.

He also returned to ‘gardening’ and garden design as both profession and a physical and creative therapy.

Jai has two degrees in Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. He is a trained Scuba Diving Instructor and is considered a Senior Meditation Teacher by Meditation Australia (peak body). He holds a coat of arms from the College of Arms.