Professional Gardening

Can’t find the time to develop the garden you really want ?

Professional horticulture and design experts understand that the maintenance and management of any landscape is a skilled and sensitive process, taking those ideas that existed initially in a designers mind and then bringing them to fruition over a 3-5yr period.

Our approach is in keeping with more traditional methods and we do not use power tools or herbicides.


We are fully insured with both Public Liability $20,000,000 and Professional $1,000,000 Indemnity insurances.


  • Reliable, 27yrs experienced and creative

  • Pruning : Selective pruning of roses, shrubs and small trees.

  • Weeding : Hand weeding, hoeing, trimming.

  • Mulching : Using organic mulches, mushroom and cow compass and manures.

  • Planting : Plant choice, supply and planting.

  • Soil conditioning : Working the soil to develop good root growth and healthy plants.

  • Pest & Disease Control : What to spray (if anything) and when.

  • Leaf Collection : Autumn leaves can create great compost

  • Garden Design : Award winning designer

  • Irrigation : Simple drippers to technical systems

  • Consultation : Your own ideas can be developed by talking them through


  • $70 / hr inc gst per person or regular fortnightly fixed fee visits. (Jims Mowing quote on the basis of $80/hr)

  • Extra charges : Green waste removal, materials and plants