5. Programme Background


5. Programme Background

Cheswick Consultants offer a quiet, friendly and heart-centred approach to designing and working in gardens and landscapes while trying to navigate a world landscape that often feels pushy, noisy and overwhelming.

We are often engaged in the early phases of residential, therapeutic, contemplative, dadirri and sensory design projects to avoid mistakes both in design and cost estimates to and so facilitate a successful project delivery for your family, community, organisation or business.

With over 25yrs in the landscape industry, working closely with clients Cheswick Consultants provides solid, qualified and practical advice for your clients whatever the size and budget.

The garden can play a central part in helping people connect with a sense of meaning and purpose in their recovery.

We provide a structured garden design programme and gardening pitched at an appropriate level for people in recovery from mental health problems.  

This can have a very positive effect on mental wellbeing by having a grounding and healing effect, as well as providing people with the opportunity to develop their self-esteem, confidence and skills when working towards recovery.

The therapeutic and relational aspects of the work are far more important than being goal or achievement orientated.

Working with clients to foster a sense of participation, belonging, inclusion, mutual respect, and working at a pace and level with which they are comfortable is key.