3. Our Experience


3. Our Experience

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Jai Cheswick is a creative and compassionate individual who can inspire clients to connect with gardening and meditation yoga / mindfulness as routes to recovery and wellbeing. 

  • Experience of working in organic horticulture and therapeutic environments.

  • Experience of working in a supportive role with people with mental health problems.

  • Willingness to value all community members regardless of how unwell they may seem.

  • Ability to inspire and motivate individuals to develop a positive connection with being active in the garden.

  • Having a good theoretical knowledge of organic horticulture and mental health. Formal qualifications, in landscape architecture and horticulture.

  • Supportive of the recovery model and the philosophical basis of meditation and mindfulness.

  • Good interpersonal skills, and experience of one to one and small group working.

  • Commitment to person-centred values.

  • Ability to work well as part of a team.

  • Self-reflective, self-aware and able to accept feedback.

  • Driving licence and willingness to travel.

  • Commitment to the process of personal development in oneself and others. With a lifelong and embodied interest in meditation, relaxation techniques and other processes of self-awareness.

  • Ability to work in a patient, flexible and non-judgmental manner.

  • Emotional resilience and the ability to manage his own anxiety and personal issues.s

Jai Cheswick is director of Cheswick Consultants Pty Ltd and founder of GardenWell™ Australia.

Meditation : After 10yrs training with meditation master Dean Das in Melbourne, Jai now shares a practice which, over time, leads to a deep and lasting state of mental peace.

Coaching : Jai has coached and instructed clients in many fields. MeditationYoga, Scuba Diving, Garden Design Workshops, Gardening and Business / Personal Development Coaching. He is currently continuing his professional education through AIPC and ACA.

Garden Therapy : Jai is a professional landscape architect and horticulturalist and has been following and organically researching garden therapy practices for the past 20yrs.

Background : Jai left the UK in 1992 after years of family quarrelling over shares in a property development / investment company and trust. At this time he also began a long search for deeper meaning in his life because (as he recounts) ‘despite the big houses, Bentleys and private schools, everyone was miserable, fighting over money and land. There was no joy, no peace ’.

Seeking : After a 15yr search for meaning in 2008-2010 he experienced depression. In depths of this condition he prayed for help and that night had a dream in which a ‘wise-man’ showed him deep compassion, acceptance, patience and kindness. The next day he began practicing meditation yoga with meditation master Dean Das. It is a lifetime practice.

He also returned to ‘gardening’ and garden design as both a profession and a physical and creative therapy.

Jai has two degrees in Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. He is a trained Scuba Diving Instructor and is considered a Senior Meditation Teacher by Meditation Australia (peak body). He holds a coat of arms from the Royal College of Arms.