Meditation. Yoga. Love.


Sowing and nurturing the seeds of love, compassion, acceptance and patience within the garden of your heart.

Becoming more 'Human', not simply more efficient.

The seat of all Happiness and Unhappiness is within the Mind.

  • In deep sleep there is no Happiness nor Unhappiness.

  • Depression, anxiety, poor self-worth, worry, anger, jealousy, are all 'mind-generated'.

  • The Mind is the sole cause of all positive and negative mental fluctuations.

  • The Mind is also the sole means to the release from all mental fluctuations. (Dean Das 2011)


The booming popularity of the mindfulness movement has turned it into a lucrative cottage industry.

Business savvy consultants pushing mindfulness training promise that it will improve work efficiency, reduce absenteeism, and enhance the “soft skills” that are crucial to career success. Some even assert that mindfulness training can act as a “disruptive technology,” reforming even the most dysfunctional companies into kinder, more compassionate and sustainable organizations. So far, however, no empirical studies have been published that support these claims.

However the inner change that comes from learning and practicing traditional authenticated skill sets are more aligned to qualities of becoming more 'human' rather than simply becoming more efficient.

  • Improved self-acceptance.

  • Increased confidence with more humility.

  • More self-responsibility.

  • An acceptance of finding love rather than reaching for it

  • An increased appreciation of the positive aspects of my life.

  • Greater ability to reflect upon mistakes without negative judgement.

  • A sense of comfort within my own skin and a reduced need for validation from others.