Garden + is a business dedicated to the maintenance and care of Melbournes gardens.

Being in nature is known, in and of itself, to have a healing effect on the mind and emotions. Gardening as a form of therapy has increasingly been used as an approach to addiction and mental health treatment. Healing gardens are often a part of addiction treatment centers, long term care facilities and other healthcare settings.

Gardening can help to lower stress, boost self-confidence, build teamwork, and foster perseverance. The rewards are both immediate and long term as one sees the plants and garden develop and change with the seasons. This can be as simple as having some potted herbs or plants in your home; becoming part of a community garden; or cultivating your own vegetable or flower garden on your roof if allowed or at your home.

Horticultural therapy is a professional practice that uses plants and gardening to improve mental and physical health. A horticultural therapist works with any group that can benefit from interaction with plants, including veterans, children, the elderly and those dealing with addiction and mental health problems.

Horticultural therapy is rooted in the idea that interacting with plants can bring about well-being, whether it's tending a garden or just having plants in your home.

Many studies have found that just being in nature -- such as taking a walk through a garden, a park, a forest -- can improve not only your state of mind but your blood pressure, your heart rate and your stress hormone levels and, over time, can lead to a longer life.

Operators can be in addiction rehab (not detox), and experiencing stress, anxiety and depression.

Supplementary programmes include yoga, meditation, naturopathy and nutrition.


We take a practical, pragmatic approach to garden maintenance.

Educated and practiced in landscape design and horticulture we can provide qualified and experienced attention that will make all the difference to the vitality and longevity of your outdoor areas. We believe that every garden, small or large, deserves the care of an experienced, educated garden professional.

General Services

Every garden deserves the attention and care of a qualified garden professional. It is on-going maintenance and care of your garden that keeps it looking great and qualified, experienced attention can make all the difference to the health and vitality of your outdoor areas.

  • Mowing and edging
  • Weeding and hedging
  • Soil and plant health improvement
  • Planting and mulching
  • Pest and disease control
  • Leaf and litter collection


$66/hr inc gst and travel per person

Tip fees and materials extra


Other Services

  • Watering while away
  • Fortnightly or Monthly onsite maintenance
  • Expert advice
  • Revision of handovers
  • Re-planting and minor structural repairs
  • Programmed maintenance
  • Landscape reconditioning
  • Failure recognition
  • Plant replacement and upgrades
  • Problem identification and audits
  • Landscape light replacement and servicing

Garden Products

  •  Plant replacement and landscape reconditioning
  •  Energy saving and water saving solutions
  •  Retro fitting
  •  Landscape herbicide management 

Garden Solutions

  • Landscape Planting and Installation Supervision
  • Highly trained and professional in landscape maintenance
  • Privacy assurance guaranteed