Wholesale Plant Sales.

How does it work?

Once you have decided on all the plants you want for your garden we can get them delivered to your door for a small one-off service fee.


What do I get?

Cheswick Gardens will prepare, creative concept or planting plans tailored to your requirements. The more detailed the information you supply us the more detail and accuracy we can provide in our plans for your garden design.

  • The ideas for your garden design will be carefully thought out and the plans prepared using our great experience and expertise.
  • The plans are carefully created to either help you develop your own DIY garden space or border, or depending on the level of survey information you have supplied they could be used to employ a local landscaper.
  • The concept plans will be annotated with all the ingredients for you garden whether it be paving, trellis or water features etc.
  • All planting plans are annotated with the botanical latin names of the plants.
  • We always aim to email / Dropbox the initial plan back to you within 10 days of receiving your submission.
  • Should you you wish to make any changes to the initial plan, we are happy to offer one alteration free of charge as part of the service. Any further changes will be charged at $90.00/hr.

What do I need to do?

We ask you to follow the easy 1,2,3 process in order to provide us with the information we will need.

  1. Survey your garden following our easy step by step guide.
  2. The more measurements you can provide the more accurate and detailed they can make your plan and the more useful the plan will be in creating your dream garden.
  3. Fill out the questionnaire and submit your information together with some photos of your garden. (As many as you can)


**For gardens over 100m2 or very difficult plots with level changes etc, then we would recommend that you contact us a garden design consultation, available in Melbourne

How much will it cost me ?

Our three simple online garden design services are tailored to answer your specific garden needs, whether you require a garden design, a border design or a combination of both.

Each of our services is priced in bands depending on the area of your garden, simply complete your survey to find out the size of your garden and see below for your design price. Easy as 1,2,3!

Fully annotated garden concept plans detailing all the ingredients for your garden whether it be paving, pots, trellis or water features etc. It will also indicate planting types e.g. shrubs, perennials and or trees, but does not include detailed planting plans.

0-25m sq.  $330 inc. gst

26-50m sq. $440 inc. gst

51-100m sq. $660 inc. gst


It is IMPORTANT to read our terms and conditions.