Introducing our series of garden and design short courses.

We’ve been in the professional garden industry for 25yrs, designing, building and maintaining gardens and importantly educating our clients. Today we almost exclusively design for and educate.

Knowledge economy companies such as Google, Apple, PwC, IBM and Bank of America no longer require a college degree as a prerequisite rather, they employ on the basis of knowledge and ability to use that knowledge.

These 20hr self-paced, self-study short courses : A range of in-depth yet succinct course booklets for your garden and your garden business.

These short courses will give you the opportunity to learn by reading, reflecting, researching and revising.

Turning Your Passion Into A Blooming Good Garden!

Our mission is to help gardeners serve their community with even more passion, clarity and abundance, turning their passion for gardening into blooming good gardens.

You can get the most out of these courses by completing all suggested tasks and quizzes, not just reading the course like a book. These have been popular as CPD. The tutors who compiled these programmes are educated to masters level, and have decades of experience to draw from in their chosen industries. They have been developed to answer 'gaps' left by more traditional learning programmes.

These well-researched pdf booklets offer suggestions of things to do under the headings ‘Learn More’. There are all sorts of ideas about things that you might do. You don't have to do them all. You can choose what ones you do but the more you do the more you will learn. These short courses are not mentored by instructors. You can however contact Jai Cheswick personally via email or alternatively sign-up for our bi-monthly newsletter to keep in touch to find out more our services and our courses.

All our prices are based on a value basis ie what the value would be to your home.