2hr, 1/2 and full day design workshops

For your event, team building or education programme.

These workshop intensives will give you the opportunity to learn by listening and participating.

Team Building.jpg
  • You won’t see any slides of wonderful gardens or flowers in these small, regular and large workshops.

  • You’ll get a practical, guided design process which necessitates participation, interaction and feedback

  • Works very well as a team-building activity in any business setting. Not only can your team practice working together they also get a take-home for use in their own garden.

Design is a creative, interactive process

Senior landscape architect and horticulturalist Jai Cheswick as been presenting this workshop in various forms for the past 25yrs, originally in his local Community Centre, then within Adult Education, as a nationwide in-house education programme for Bunnings Warehouse and now also online.

His presentation style is slightly unpolished yet natural helping workshop attendees feel at ease and participate.

Perfect for that :

  • Monday morning team meeting (1.5-2hrs)

  • Gardener / landscaper education programme (1/2-full day)

  • CPD workshop or team education (1/2-full day) for landscape associated product companies

You will need to supply :

  • Whiteboard

  • A4 paper / butchers paper

  • Coloured pens / pencils