"On a personal note, once I began to develop habits of self-acceptance, confidence with humility, self-responsibility and a sense of comfort within my own skin, I found that many other 'pressing' issues in my life began to dissolve" ~ Jai Cheswick

“…I would recommend Jai to anyone wishing to learn the practice of MeditationYoga, the yoga that leads to a deep and lasting state of mental peace”

Dean Das, Meditation Master

“….Jai had a deep understanding that the garden would serve a multitude of purposes. While it certainly was aimed to appeal visually to new and exisiting patients of the practice, there was also a deeper aim. The garden had to provide those with existential worries a space where they felt safe and cared for. Jai designed a quiet space within this area that is now often used for doctor-patient discussions, despite the fact that it is outdoors.

Many patients have since commented on the serenity of this little space in the middle of a busy suburb. It affects many people in difficult times of their life on a level that words often cannot reach.

Dr. Marc Thielhaber

It is my pleasure to advise that I have known Jai Cheswick for 8mnths and in that period of time have been most impressed with his horticultural and design expertise, with his reliability and friendliness. Jai took control of my established garden at a difficult time for me and together in a short space of we were able to manage the garden back into its former condition.

I would highly recommend Jai's services.

Geoff Pethick (now deceased)

To whom it may concern

l have been a Sales Executive for over 18 years. A sales career at the top is certainly rewarding however there is also a lot of pressure associated with this, which can negatively impact other areas of your life. To balance this constant pressure, over this time I have attended various personal development and coaching sessions.

I am happy to report my coaching sessions with Jai Cheswick not only met my requirements but substantially exceeded all my expectations and has considerably helped both my personal life and career situation.

A. Vanderplancke Sales Executive

To Whom It May Concern

l have known Jai Cheswick for 7 years.

l first met Jai in 1993. His willingness to confront and face his own personal issues was exemplary.

In 1996 l used Jai's services for my own clarity and purposes and he participated with me through until 1999 in a research programme identifying and resolving compulsive goals.

He brought many valuable insights and realisations to the process.

I will continue to use and recommend Jai’s services and have the deepest respect for his abilities and compassion for others issues.

I would welcome any contact to discuss Jai’s work.

Des Ranger Managing Director Performance Coaching (Perth)

To Whom It May Concern:

RE : Coaching with Jai Cheswick

I have no hesitation in writing this letter of recommendation for Jai Cheswick.

I have been taking sessions with Jai now over a period of 12 months. My initial meetings with Jai were to address issues relevant to my employment in the field of Sales as a Business Manager in the private sector. 

Through coaching sessions I have become successful in:-  

  • Managing Stress

  • Enjoying my work

  • Reducing the frequency of migraine significantly

Due to my success in the above and the positive impact on my level of enjoyment at work, I continued with Jai on personal issues.

The skills I learned in coaching sessions not only assist at the time of coaching, giving a clarity of thought, but if implemented on a day to day basis, continue to improve my quality of life.

Jody Mountford

David Maynard Esq.
East Fremantle,
Western Australia.

To Whom It May Concern

I have known Jai Cheswick for three years.

Jai has coaching me on numerous occasions regarding both my professional and private lives. We met while participating in a Men's Group.

During this time I was impressed with Jai's compassionate ability to get to the core of the issues at hand.

I do not hesitate in recommending him.

Yours Sincerely, David Maynard

To Whom it may concern

Jai Cheswick has been instrumental in assisting me improve my communication on different levels in both my working and personal lives.

He has enabled me to use new approaches when working through conflict situations to avoid stress present in everyday life.

He encourages ways to remain calm, articulate and use various tools available in different situations no matter how chaotic, challenging or stressful. Jai empowers you to see your patterns of behaviour and recognise these for yourself.

His down to earth coaching style helps acknowledge where issues originate from, dealing with them rather than simply dealing with the symptoms. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Jai as a skilled and compassionate coach. His keen perception, creative thinking and understanding of communication, provide practical guidance for anyone.

Sonja Butler LLB Perth

Attending a weekly class has helped me stay on track with my own practice. You can go at your own pace and options are often given. These weekly attendances have helped quieten my mind and soothe my spirit .

Mary Wong

I have been practising yoga for many years now and have found it highly beneficial. I have known Jai for some time and have found him to be a passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable teacher who makes you feel at ease from the moment you enter the room. He teaches in a way that is easily understood and adaptable to today’s living.

He takes the time to explain the methods and benefits and shares stories from his own life’s experience, which quickly make one realise that we are all one and the same and share similar challenges.

The atmosphere is class is warm, friendly and non-judgemental and I always leave feeling I have accomplished something new.

Make the time and come see for yourself !


Director Arena Equity Pty Ltd

Corporations & the individuals who work in them should think carefully about how they demonstrate "mindfulness " . In my experience you can learn an authentic methodology and develop a practice to use daily in your business & personal life. Training should be not fixated on language (buzz words) but based on the deeper understanding of the language.

This requires knowledge of the ancient philosophy and evidence of a proven track record... lineage matters.

Organisations are often limited by the formal processes they have created and a fixation on the individual as the problem or potential risk. Don't waste your time & money on "corporate mindfulness courses" they just give management new language to spew onto stressed out employees, educate yourself outside these limited options.

I recommend you contact Jai.

Kate Austin, Clinical Nurse Consultant Royal Children's Hospital

Hi Jai

Would like to thank you for the last programme. I enjoyed it and have been told that its made a difference to me already..

Joe Scardilli : CFO Werribee Autofinance Group

Dear Jai,

Thankyou again, I learnt a lot and I really appreciated your 'non guru' approach. This made 'accessing' meditation more possible. Your approach to yoga meditation was accessible for me, the breathing & movement techniques were ancient and raw. This approach assisted me in finding moments of stillness.

Eloise Tregonning